My Jack Russell Terrier

The life and training of my Jack Russell Terrier, Davie.
Sun Oct 24

Two Weeks today!

Well, it has been a couple days since I’ve been on here. Main reason I have not updated my blog is because I’ve been pretty busy in Valemount and the day I should have done my blog was the day my car was ran over by a truck and ended up being towed away.

So not a whole lot has been going on, I’m back in PG now. Paul came down to get me and brought me back yesterday. Davie had a great time on the Farm chewing on Deer legs and getting a whole bag of treats from a friend. All in all a good week.

Tue Oct 19

Day 9 & 10

Couldn’t write yesterday. I was in town at the Ambulance Station where there is no Internet service. Yesterday was pretty good. Took Davie hunting with Dad, Mom, and my Uncle. He mainly stayed with dad and a couple times went walking with him. We never got anything hunting. I also was playing catch with him and the boys today. I’ll upload a video in a bit when I wanna go find my camera. He did well definitely not fast enough yet to keep up with the boys. Last night I had to stay in town at the ambulance station so I had Davie with me there in his kennel. I was worried if I had a call he would whine badly while I was gone. I took him to the hockey arena and showed him to some kids that were playing hockey there. They all seemed to like him. One girl that was just there and is a Foreign exchange student from Germany really took a liking to Davie. He didn’t walk to well last night he was really being stubborn so I’m thinking about getting him a harness to walk him with and start walking him more on a leash now that way he’s use to it in later life. 

Today was another good day. We stayed in town most of the day. I introduced him to SEVERAL people today. Everybody told me how cute he was. We again went hunting this afternoon. I allowed him to walk with me for a good distance until my Dad and Mom got to where we were hunting to pick us up and continue to where we wanted to hunt. Then I left him with Dad while Mom and I beat the bush. Mom and I saw a cow moose tonight but we couldn’t get it to stop to have a clean shot so no success today. Tonight he’s been good. I’ve been trying to teach him to shake a paw and he’s starting to get it. He’s done it three times tonight so not too sure if he actually gets it or if those three times were a fluke. I’ve been keeping him outside with the boys (Mica and Thor the other two farm dogs) for these past days and he’s being doing well also gets cold out there for him so I let him in when it gets late and put him in his kennel.

Sun Oct 17

Day 8

It’s been a Full week since Davie has been in my life! It’s been a great week. Ups and downs! But no regrets! Well haha maybe one… a computer charger I had to replace for $100!! lol But none the less I see nothing but a good life with my Jack Davie! I’m in Valemount tonight and for the week, so that means the parents now know! Pics are on Facebook everyone knows now! Parents received the news well! I’m going to be taking him hunting in the morning! It should be grand! He traveled very well today! Slept most the way to Tete Jaune today. When I first let him down with Mica and Thor he was really scared hiding under the vehicles and tables and chairs but I was throwing the ball for the boys and Davie thought it looked like a lot of fun and decided to join in. He’s not fast enough to keep up yet but he sure give’s it all he has to try and keep up! It’s pretty cute to see his little legs going. Destiney is carrying him around the house at the moment wanting to sleep with him but she wants him in the bed not his kennel and I’m not about to let that happen! He’s all cuddled up to her. Parents are pretty amazed to see he is already sitting when told to. I’ll load a video of him playing with the boys tomorrow and if we get an animal I’ll have pics of that too!

Sat Oct 16

Day 6 and 7

Well looks like I have a lot of writing to do tonight…

Yesterday was a pretty good day. He slept most of the night which was nice finally! I put a “ticking” travel clock by his kennel and I was told that was suppose to mimic his mothers heart beat and I think it worked well. I had to work most of Friday so not too much went on. I had Mrs.Alberts take care of him for the first part of the day and also the evening when I went out to the movies. Yesterday afternoon I took him to meet my aunt in person! She seemed to like him. He was on his best behavior…. sleeping. Wanted to kiss her on the face a lot so that was kind of a down fall, but overall I think the first impression went well. 

Last night he slept well also. Woke up pretty early and I really wasn’t in the mood to get all dressed up to take him pee so I took a chance at trust and just grabbed him and brought him into bed with me until 10:00 which was really nice!! Today we also didn’t do too much. We did go for a walk to the cutbanks at McMillan Creek and got some sweet photos and we tried to get him to play some Frisbee but the Frisbee was a little big and hard for his little mouth to grab on. After the hike I took Davie to see my sister and she was surprised to see I had him. So everyone close to me knows now except for my parents. I’m going to the Farm tomorrow night so they will know by then! Then look out Facebook I’ll have lots of pics of Davie and I! 

Thu Oct 14

Day 5/6 - Overnight Sleep…

So I didn’t have the heart to leave him alone for the night. When I took him out for his last pee of the night I had the energy to run around the block and I made Davie run with me. He was panting by time we got back to the house, so was I, but my plan for the run was to tire him out so he would go to sleep quicker without a fuss and for longer! And I’d said it was pretty successful. So it looks like I’m going to become a runner! :P. He woke up at 7:30 this morning and went pee and instead of putting him in the kennel where he would likely whine I just let him climb in the bed with me.

Wed Oct 13

Day 5 - Need SLEEP!

Well I’m starting to lose some patience with my puppy!… He loves to sleep all day! but when it comes to sleeping at night he’s a pain in the butt… He will not quit whimpering at night. Tonight I think I’m going to stick him in the laundry room (which is a nice size room) and let him sleep there alone for the night that way he doesn’t get attention when he whines. Today I had to leave him with Mrs.Alberts while I went to work. I wanted to bring him but I had alot of running around to do today. Only one accident all day! One thing we’ve taught him is to wait outside the door until we invite him into the house. He is now doing it without having to be told to wait outside. Also Mrs. Alberts taught him to sit today. He really likes treats so he forgets to focus on the trick to get the treat. I’m pretty excited to show someone in my family or some of my friends my new pup. He’s sleeping on Paul’s feet at the moment I kept moving mine so he wouldn’t sleep yet but he is little tuckered out from our little walk tonight. On the walk I kept him on the ground while walking by another dog that way he gets use to other dogs. He was a little scared but the other dog sniffed him and Davie sniffed the other dog and then they were done and ready to continue on the walk. I don’t imagine Davie would be scared of other dogs he was in a home with several other dogs.

Tue Oct 12

Day 4 - Oh Davie!

Well, Day 4. Davie is doing alright. 2 accidents in the house today. We didn’t really do much of anything today I had to do some work and never left the house until 9 this evening and that was to take Davie for a walk. There was a neighbour over today that really liked the looks of Davie and his energy. He doesn’t sleep all that well during the evenings and he really doesn’t like his kennel, but he sure sleeps well during the day and on top of anything of me that he can lay on. He does make it easy for me to watch him though when he is sleeping and I’m busy doing something. I took him outside to go do his duties but he ended up getting scared by some other little dog on the block and just wanted back inside. Starting to train him on to sit. When we come back in the house we have him trained to stay outside until invited in the house which is pretty sweet to see.